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      1. Qianjiang Dongfeng Dust Removal Equipment Accessories Co., Ltd.

        潛江市東風除塵設備配件有限公司Qianjiang Dongfeng Dust Removal Equipment Accessories Co., Ltd.


        Keyword: Skeleton (bag cage)Filter bagDischarge device (ash discharge valve)

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              Qianjiang Dongfeng Dust Removal Equipment Accessories Co., Ltd. was established in July 2002, and its legal representative is Chen Weihong. The company is located at 109 Hanlin Road, Yangshi Industrial Park, Qianjiang City. It is 500M away from Yihuang Expressway, with beautiful environment and convenient transportation.


              ?Our company is specialized in producing dust removal equipment and accessories. In 2015, the company built two 5760 ㎡ standard workshops, one 1400 ㎡ warehouse, one 940 ㎡ office building and two 1200 ㎡ employee activity centers and dormitories. One production line with an annual output of 1 million dust removal bags, one bag cage production line and one production line with an annual output of 100000 dischargers will be added. All kinds of high-quality dust collectors, dischargers, bag cages, filter bags and various dust removal equipment accessories produced by the company are exported to all parts of the country, as well as Russia, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Iraq and other countries and regions. More than 20 varieties and more than 300 specifications, including 100000 unloaders of various series. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, food, pharmacy, tobacco and other industries. The product quality is excellent and the effect is good, which has won the praise of the majority of users.


              ?With abundant funds, first-class scientific research and technical force, excellent team and logistical support that are brave to open up and serve the market, the company provides high-quality products and good services for new and old users. We warmly welcome all new and old users to visit and guide us.

        • 2002The company was established in
        • 20+Varieties of dischargers in various series
        • 300+Product type and specification
        • 1000000Annual dust removal bag


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